Strategically Execute Your Goals

Benefits and Features
$12.65 month
$9.99 month
billed annually
Kickstärt AI PRO
$24.99 month
$19.99 month
billed annually
AI Generated Strategic Plan and Action Tasks
Immediate productivity - build customized strategy and action plans in minutes, not days
Set Unlimited Goals & Tasks
Simplified break down of your goals into manageable tasks
Dynamic task prioritization based on importance and deadline
Automated reminders and check-ins to keep you on track
Build an automated accountability team 
Specific action plan for the next 24-hours, through the next year
Leverage a Vision Map of what you need to know, do, and stop
The OneSPäRK system outlines your success plan, all you have to do is execute!

Learn the Mindset of Execution


Foundation Course

$67 USD

Top features

Get the strategy on how to execute your goals systematically in a repeatable way


What's inside:

  • 6 Total chapters: 3 dedicated to detailing the step-by-step process on how to leverage the OneSPäRK System - 3 dedicated to the Mindset of Execution
  • OneSPäRK System workbook - 8 sections, 20 questions and prompts
  • Automated accountability system built with immediate check-in and verification
  • Clear and direct course of actions for the next 24-hours 
  • Vision Map of what you need to know, do, and stop
  • Suggested resources for each step 

Get 1-on-1 Acceleration